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Royal Lapsang is an office that demonstrates to the finest gain of its clients with a stage of dependability, confidence, honesty judiciousness and devoted to the recipient’s benefit. With us, on-line regard is earned, HONESTY is valued, TRUST is picked up, and LOYALTY is lower back. We have a meeting of I.T. specialists and records base professionals working worldwide with our principle headquarters in Dortmund, Germany and subsidiary branches in Linz-Austria, Brooksville, FL-USA, Vasteras – Sweden and numerous others in E.U., Australia, Africa, and Asia.Our work constrain is constituted of a conferred group of a result pushed experts, on hand that will help you with document conventions, techniques, and issues. We are an administration detail excited about the problem of giving complete range travel allows, driver permits, personality playing cards, visas, authentications, and several exclusive reports assist to our cl

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High Quality Printers

High quality printers are specifically designed and engineered to print fast, efficiently and reliably

Advanced Technology

We are up to date on the most advanced and cutting edge technology in the travel document Industry

45 Days Money Back

To guarantee that we deliver on our promises, we provide a 45-days money back refund.

Fast And Discreet Shipping 

We do professional packaging and shipping on all the documents we produce.

Friendly Customer Support

We employ a staff of fully trained, friendly and professional agents24/7.

Affordable Prices

We are always able offer our customers the widest range of services.

First Working Prosses

Are you worried that you need some documents such as buy passport online?.

Dedicate Team

We are a leading provider of all the real documents that you require.

24/7 Hours Support

We strive to offer our clients with top class services at affordable prices. 



We produce real and novelty documents of every type. All of our merchandise are printed on top quality printing machines with legitimate holograms, secret features, and are exceeded under UV mild and other verification gadgets. Don’t be scared near a cop stopping you! Rest assured that your files are 100% actual and registered.


Loan Approval Guaranteed

Instant Personal Loan ProvidersThe recent years have seen a phenomenal change where the personal .

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Visa Applications

Get Your Visa Through a Seamless Process The visa is an essential document that enables you to travel aro

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SSD Solution

SSD Chemical Solutions to Get Back Fresh New Notes SSD chemical solutions are made up of various chemical

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Doctor’s Prescription

Get Online Doctor Prescription You must be thinking whether a doctor can write a prescription without see.

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Get Real and Fake Passports Online A passport is an essential document services produce to our process.

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Other Documents

Buy Genuine Green Card for Your Pleasant Residence The green card is a permanent residence card which bes

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Contrast Between Real and Fake Documents Real Documents

For Example, in the event that you need us to deliver you a US Passport, we will enroll all your Biometric and Vital data in the US focal database framework under the administration recognition.The Real reports are LEGALLY utilized and acknowledged by the specialists. Genuine reports can be recharged by the specialists. On the off chance that we produce you a genuine record and it terminates, you can go to the experts for a restoration of the report. When they check the framework and see all your data and see that everything is veritable and genuine, they will restore your record with no issues.

Counterfeit Documents

While the Fake report won’t have the customer’s data enrolled in the database framework. Come to us and get your answer. The Fake records must be utilized as CAMOUFLAGE. Then the Fake reports can NEVER be reestablished by the specialists. Rather, the customer can go to prison for that.


We produce genuine and curiosity archives of each kind. The entirety of our product is imprinted on superb printing machines; they’ve authentic multi dimensional images, mystery includes, and were surpassed under UV mellow and another check contraption. Try not to fear roughly a cop halting you! Have confidence that your records are one 100% genuine and enrolled.