Visa Applications

Visa Applications

Get Your Visa Through a Seamless Process

The visa is an essential document that enables you to travel around the globe in different countries. There is no hassle nor cumbersome to apply for a visa with Royal Lapsang. With advancements in technology up-gradation, it is very much easier to fill a visa application online. It is not only a tourist visa, but a student visa, job visa, or business visa, you can apply for the visa online for all kinds of requirements. Visa application online has made it much easier to get visas for traveling for different purposes.

How to Apply for Visa ?

To apply for a visa online one needs to follow these guidelines:
Be clear about your dates of travel and ensure that your journey tickets are available before you apply for the visa.
Keep a large time frame in hand when you apply for a visa. All countries have their own procedures and time frame required for clearance of the visas. Hence, it is essential to ensure that you have enough time in hand for visa to be processed and ready before your travel.
Essential documents like journey tickets and passports are very important before travel. The passport should be valid for six months post the travel dates for the expiry of the passport. If the validity of six months is not there, then you might have bleak chances of smooth visa clearance.
Visa fees are different in all countries. Hence, keep the visa fees ready when you apply for a visa.
Track the visa – when you apply for a visa online you can also check your visa application status online in real-time.

Why Book Visa Application with Royal Lapsang?

Facility to book an appointment with the embassy if required
Real-time visa tracking
Saves time and efforts through online visa application
Safe, secured and confidential system