IELTS & TOEFL Certificates

IELTS & TOEFL Certificates

Get Your IELTS Certificate to Encourage Your Career Development Growth

IELTS refers to the International English Language Testing System. This test is designed to assess the candidate’s ability to train for further education held in English medium in the world’s leading universities. Universities in many countries like the USA, New Zealand, Uk and Australia recognize IELTS as the criteria for admission and is proof of your proficiency in the English language. IELTS is also an essential requirement for visa applications.

What Do We Do?

We assist you in getting your IELTS certificates with your desired score bands to you. Royal Lapsang works in close association to the IDP and British council. We can offer you your IELTS certificate while you study from the comfort of your house.You can check the IELTS certificate online, and it can be verified online.It takes around 8 to 16 days for the documents to be processed.

Want to Know How to Check and Verify Your Ielts Certificate?

The IELTS certificates have the IELTS scores imprinted on it. They give them on a nine-band scale. 9 being the highest score and one being the lowest.
You can get your IELTS certificate verified online. Our organization is connected well to the various invigilators, and test centres, and we only provide the first British council certified IELTS certificates. You can use these certificates without any complications for visa processing and admission to the leading foreign universities, which has a requirement to pass the IELTS examination to pass.

Why Get Your Ielts Certification from Us?

We have well connected to the British Council agencies all around the globe. All the certificates we issue are registered and can be verified online . The documents meet the requirements of the European countries and the USA. You can use your IELTS certificate anywhere you want without any complications.