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Buy Genuine Green Card for Your Pleasant Residence

The green card is a permanent residence card which bestows upon the individual the various benefits, rights, and privilege of presently residing in the United States. We provide a green card for sale in Royal Lapsang When you buy a USA green card you need to ensure that it is real and not fake. The fake green card is easy to spot from a glance. So how to check the green card? These simple guidelines will help you identify the fake green card.

It contains the wrong digits- the green card may contain a wrong number of digits which depicts that it is fake. A green card should have 13 characters which consist of three letters followed by ten numbers.

The card contains the references to INS but it is issued after the agency was ceased to exist- The INS (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) was a part of the document of the Homeland Security in the year 2003. The green card was revised in 2004 and should reflect the DHS seal and if issued after 2004 will not have reference to INS.

The name of the agency who issues the card is misspelled- if there is an error in the name of the DHS then the card is invalid and fake
The card has internal inconsistencies. The green cards having these internal inconsistencies are regarded to be invalid:
The first line of the code which is on the bottom front side of the card contains an alien card number.
The second line code contains the holder’s date of birth in YY/MM/DD format and the expiry date of the card in the same format.
Hence, before you buy the USA green card, ensure to have a glimpse and check that it is real or else if it is fake, report to the authorities and reject it.